Slow Dog – An interesting concept to hot dog

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You might have heard of slow food initiative already. Those are gourmets who try to bring back local, high quality food to the streets and restaurants of our metropolis, and other big cities in the world. They are trying to fight against the ever-present fast food culture, which made us consume the same garbage food everywhere we go in the world. But would you connect HOT DOG with the slow food initiative? Not in the wildest dreams….

We didn’t get it either, until we contacted the slow food society, seeking explanation. As they refereed to us:

Slow food label has nothing to do with the type of dish you present. It’s all about the ingredients you use, the way you prepare the food, and the way you serve it to customers. Also hot dog can belong to slow food, if made from home-grown cattle meat, fresh vegetables and high quality local mustard/ketchup. Homemade bread makes it even more ‘slow food’.


Slow dog – a new stand to keep an eye on while walking the Broadway

Max, the Dog (artistic name) has started a first stand offering ‘slow hot dogs’ to the people of New York. His hot dog has a similar appearance to any other hot dog you’d get in the streets, but boost significant difference in the way of preparation, and how Max gets the ingredients for his stand. In his own words:

We cooperate with small farms owners, based about two hundred miles from New York. They provide us meat for our sausages. We use much more meat that typical producers do, which gives our hot dogs much better taste. We also use minimum preservatives and colorants, to make the taste authentic. Then we buy all our vegetables from local bio-production, so our customer can be sure they’re eating no chemicals with our hot dog.

Also we have rolls from the local bakery, just ten minutes walk from here. They are crunchy and freshly made, not like the rolls made from frozen pastry prepared few months ago you’d get in most other stands. We are proud to offer the best hot dog in New York.

Price – the difference maker?

Face it or not, America is still in crises, and the new president likely won’t change anything about it. It’s a difference to get a hot dog for two bucks and for five, that’s one of the reasons why we are not sure if Slow Dog concept will leave its mark in the city where everything’s unhealthy, and deadly fast.

You have a say – when you stoop for a hot dog, would you not mind waiting five minutes to finally grab your food? Maybe the Slow Food concept has a broader goal in mind–or perhaps just I want to see it. The concept should help us learn to slow down, to not rush everywhere. Take a seat, grab normal food, have a conversation with our friends, without looking at the displays of our smartphones all the time…. Without a doubt, concepts like slow food can inspire us to make changes in our life, and they can have positive impact. But the question is whether the aggressive fast paced business environment of New York won’t send the Slow ones to bankruptcy…  Slow is not always bad. Sometimes it is actually better…..

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