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Experimental Theater – No Voices

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Our thoughts and wishes can be expressed in different ways. Words are the most common tool for communication–and even they aren’t always clear. We don’t always understand what our friend or partner tries to tell us with words.

Now imagine that someone was writing screenplays without words. That he targeted other senses we posses, such as touch and smell, and of course vision, trying to develop them. The screenwriter actually lives in New York and runs an alternative theater in the basement of Old Raven Square building.


Silence – a rare article in the street of New York

Once you enter the theater, you’ll be struck by the silence. The basement rooms are soundproof, and nobody says a word down there. Actors (typically amateurs from the street) dance, move around, and express emotions with the helps of gesticulation and mimics. There is a bunch of smiles and cries, but no words indeed….

As you can guess, the plots are simple, and the smells in the room and clothes of the actors should help you understand what the actors are thinking and going through. As Charlie, the director of the theater believes,watching a play we know nothing about brings us closer the problems we face in daily life.

You need to imagine your own story. The actors are expressing emotions, and their clothes and surrounding should help you to get the idea of the plot. But what’s actually going on is for you to imagine. Most people relate the story to their own life, and we purposely choose the topics accordingly. If you have an open mind and aren’t afraid to face your demons, it’s easy make a connection. We welcome you to discover the world of your own inner theater.

Other people come to simply enjoy the silence. In New York silence is a precious thing, and most people can’t even afford it in their homes, with ever-present buzz of cars and advertising billboards. They probably come to my theater just to relax, or even to sleep. I don’t mind that anyway.


Project with no boundaries

The director has even more crazy plans for the future. He considers involving the audience in the play, picking random people on the scene. They will simply join the actors expressing their emotions–what they are feeling and going through. Charlie hopes to make the theater realistic, pursuing the function the place always tried to fulfill: mirroring our own lives, dreams, and disappointments…. It’s not only the actors in the theater who face them–we all do, and cannot escape.

Are you tempted to come? Or are you afraid to face the reality of your own being? One way or another, the admission is free on Monday. You should give it a try and see yourself if you won’t fall in love with this magic theater.